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Looking for the best way to
sell your product or service or
raise funds for your Charity?

Then here are many surefire strategies that
have worked for my clients.

If you’re wondering what the single most important skill is in direct
that can single-handedly account for more sales or help
you raise more funds than any other skill, I would tell you, without
a doubt — it's the ability to write a compelling letter and design a
tantalizing package


Come browse through this website to see for yourself how I have
helped more companies and non-profit organizations of all shapes
and sizes succeed — and how I can help you too.

“I’ve been doing direct mail fundraising for over 20 years and the best direct mail copy writer/package designer is Billy Sharma.”
- Mike Johnston
HJC New Media

There is a science to writing compelling copy and an art to creating
eye-catching design, (for email, direct mail, advertising, etc.) which
can help boost sales, increase client conversion and attract donors.

To find out more, call or email us at:
Tel: 416.203.3257 • Email:

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