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I’ve had the honour and the pleasure of interviewing many of the stalwarts of the Direct Marketing community. Each month I will feature a different opinion-maker who has helped set the standards for the rest of us.  Read on to learn their secrets of success.

January, 2010: Interview with Peter Mosley
Moving to the beat of a different drummer

"It is hard to characterize what Peter Mosley has really done for a living until now. He has played so many roles that it is hard to pigeonhole him."

Click here to view a PDF of this interview.

December, 2009: Interview with Marilyn Stewart: "What sets her apart is not just a passion for direct marketing."

The first time I met Marilyn Stewart was in the mid ‘80s when I was working as an art director at Ogilvy & Mather and she ran Ogilvy Direct, the direct marketing arm of the agency.. MORE

Click here to view a PDF of this interview.

November, 2009: Interview with Laurene Cihosky, now Senior Vice-President at Canada Post in-charge of Direct Marketing, Advertising & Publishing Business

This month features another dynamic personality that I have had the pleasure of interviewing while she was VP and General Manager of Blitz Direct, Data & Promotion in Toronto.

Click here to view a PDF of this interview.

“The more our world changes, the more we need to revisit the basics of the old disciplines – the offer, copy, creative, matrices, etc. As we embrace the ‘new,’ we need to ensure we haven’t lost the basic craft.” MORE

October, 2009: Billy Sharma interview with David Foy, President of Agency 59

Click here to view a PDF of this interview.

"One of my colleagues, Professor Anthony Kalamat, at Seneca College where I teach copy writing for Direct Marketing, has an opinion poll pinned on his wall"  MORE

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