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“It doesn't matter how busy I am or what I've got going on, I always take time to read your newsletter cause it's got good information, great perspective and lots of humanity.”
- Jose van Herpt CFRE
The FLA Group Inc.
“Love the newsletter so much I'd like you to send it to my new email address. (Let me assure you I have not made that offer to everyone who had my old address!)”
- David Love
Executive Director
The Conservation Foundation

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  • Different copywriting and design principles, techniques and hints for: advertising,
    direct marketing, annual reports, emails, newsletter, etc.
  • Ways to dramatically improve your marketing communications in various
    mediums for maximum sales and profit;
  • Anything new that I have discovered, read about or tested or uncovered;
  • Techniques, hints and insight on how best to turn more of your prospects to
    clients or loyal donors.
  • Simple techniques that have been tested and proven to get results.









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