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Why do some direct marketing pieces get a huge response, as high as 15%, or even 50% — while others lose money or even struggle to barely break even? The secret is in the details. Click on the logos on the left or names below to discover how and why each one worked so well for my client.

You've heard it before. Ideas are the currency of today's world. Words have the power to influence people, change their beliefs, generate a sale or move donors.

While, painstaking attention to detail, and how you present something are the keys to making your direct mail or emails pieces, inviting and successful.

David Ogilvy said it best: "The difference between a good surgeon and a great surgeon has nothing to do with their hands. A great surgeon simply knows more".

I enjoy direct marketing because I like the accountability that this medium demands. It must produce immediate and measurable results. That’s all that matters to my clients and me. Take a look at these highly innovative packages. Many of which are still unbeaten as control packages for my clients.

“These are excellent ads. You've obviously got
a great firm working with you, not to mention a compelling message to deliver. Integra has already done Trillium proud. We appreciate the recognition in the ads and, more than anything, hope the ads bring results for Integra. You deserve the support! Best.”
- Debbie Field
Executive Director
FoodShare Toronto
“Direct marketing is both an ‘art’ and a ‘science’ and appreciating the difference is the key to understanding your donor. Billy is a skilled practioner but the secret to his success is that he spends his time being interested in his subject, not simply trying to spew interesting copy.”
- Glenn MacDonell
President & C.E.O
Special Olympics Ontario

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